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Garden Hose Buying Guide


What Garden Hose Should I Buy?

It is that time of year when you prepare for spring by pulling out your lawn and garden essentials and taking stock of your supplies. This often includes grabbing your old garden hose and realizing it’s time to buy a new one. With all the new technology for garden hoses, you may be asking yourself,  “which garden hose is best?” or “what kind of garden hose should I  buy?” As a result, we have created a simplified garden hose buying guide that will help you determine your hose needs.

Which hose type is best for me?

The hose types are dependent upon your desired application. A few common garden hose types are light, medium, heavy duty, soaker, sprinkler, and commercial/contractor.


Light & medium duty garden hoses:

Light & medium duty garden hoses are made from cheaper materials, typically a low-quality vinyl or a reinforced vinyl. These hoses kink easier, may have plastic fittings, and are offered in smaller diameters. The lifespan on these hoses is shorter because they tend to harden over time. These hoses are perfect for those gardening on a budget and don’t use the hose on a daily basis.


Heavy duty garden hoses:

Heavy duty garden hoses are perfect for homeowners that want a high-quality hose to last many years. These hoses offerer high-quality metal couplings, anti-kink technology, and some are even backed with a manufacturer lifetime warranty.


Sprinkler and soaker garden hose:

Sprinkler and soaker garden hoses are designed for professionals and homeowners to effortlessly water lawns, gardens, and flower beds. Some are constructed to withstand the elements with UV protective coatings, while others are designed to be placed slightly beneath the surface.


Commercial and contractor garden hoses:

Commercial and contractor garden hoses are designed to withstand rugged terrain and abuse by professionals. These hoses provide many benefits, including increased PSI ratings, crush resistant construction, durable metal couplings, and extended warranties.

What length of garden hose do I need?


We’ve all struggled with a hose too short to reach that extra distance to water a plant. If you’re using your hose primarily for watering your lawn or plants, I recommend measuring the furthest point from the water supply. Then, purchase a hose 10 feet longer than necessary -  that way you’ll have some extra length if it gets wrapped around yard objects. Garden hoses are typically available up to 100’ long, in increments of 25’. Be sure not to purchase a hose much longer than necessary as water pressure drops with length.

What diameter of hose should I use?


The diameter of a garden hose affects the amount of water that can be delivered. The larger the diameter, the more water volume that can be delivered. Hose diameters range from ⅜”  to 1”. Homeowners typically use ⅝” hoses, whereas larger hoses are used for industrial or commercial applications.

What PSI rated garden hose do I need?


The PSI rating on garden hoses is the amount of pressure the hose can safely handle. Lower-quality hoses are rated around 200 PSI, and high-quality hoses can be rated up to 600 PSI.  If you're looking for a hose this durable, check out zero-G hoses! These hoses can withstand a PSI rating of up to 650! They're also puncture resistant, lightweight yet durable, and have a kink-free design that keeps the water flowing at all times.

Typical residential water pressure ranges between 45 to 80 PSI. For residential uses, we recommend a garden hose with a PSI rating at or above 350. However, if you are using this hose with a pressure washer, please reference your owners manual for further details.

Can I put hot water through any garden hose?


Not all garden hoses are designed to handle hot water. If you plan to use hot water, ensure that the hose has a hot water rating above your hot water temperature.

Do I need a drinking water safe garden hose?


Believe it or not, not all garden hoses are safe for drinking water. If you are planning on using a garden hose for drinking purposes, ensure that the hose is approved for drinking water.

Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, or weekend gardener, we have a garden hose that will meet your needs. Once you've chosen the best hose for you, order it online, or pick it up at your local Do it Best store.